Practice RT without the constraints of radioprotection



TraiNDE RT is a virtual reality software associated with a database of film results, which reproduces the inspection conditions for numerous applications (welded tubes and plates, cast specimens, X-ray and Gamma tubes, several films…) taking into account the IQI, lead letters, and X-ray flexible rulers.

This NDT educational tool, developed in Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), is aimed at the training centers, universities and companies with internal training and certification needs.

Unprecedented realism, from procedure to results: display the image of the shot from a database of thousands of simulated images.

Each exercise is built to include all the preparation phases: choice of IQI, and choice, positioning and orientation of the source.

Depending on the parameters, TraiNDE RT will draw the picture corresponding to the shot from a databank of several thousands of simulated

An optical density value in each point is available to ensure the appropriate darkening of the film.

A report is available directly after the shot to indicate potential errors, such as bad choice of IQI, erroneous physical parameters (voltage, intensity, exposure time, etc.), imposed geometric blur not respected, etc.

Analyze the shot with integrated tools (optical density, dynamic of the image, ruler…)


Inspected specimens:

  • Welds with perpendicular, offset, contact,
    and panoramic techniques
  • Cast parts
  • Specimens in steel, aluminum, titanium, copper
  • Flaws such as cracks, lack of fusion or
    penetration, porosity, inclusions…

Radiation choice:

Regarding the part to be inspected, the user will be able to choose to shoot from an X-ray or a Gamma source:

  • X-ray source: charts are provided to determine the intensity and / or exposure time, depending on the material and thickness of the component.
  • Gamma source: the current version includes an Ir192 source. Based on a general formula of the exposure time for such isotope, the trainee will calculate the exposure time requested to ensure a correct shoot with acceptable film darkening.

Essential elements:

For every exercise and before the shot, the user will have to prepare the component by choosing the relevant wires IQI and markers.

TraiNDE RT includes all the wires IQI from the NF EN ISO 19232-1 and ASTM E747 standards.



TraiNDE RT v1.2 Release Note

To visualize more videos and tutorials on TraiNDE RT, check out the TraiNDE RT playlist on EXTENDE’s YouTube channel.

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